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Your vehicle depends on a fully functional electrical system for safe and reliable performance

The experts at the Car Clinic use specialized engine diagnostic equipment to troubleshoot and diagnose the exact cause of your vehicle’s electrical problems. Depending on the year, make, and model of your car, vehicle electrical system service can include:
  • A visual inspection of you battery and case
  • Checking your battery’s power supply and replacing it if necessary
  • Examining and adjusting electrical cable connections as appropriate
  • Troubleshooting complex systems or problems using engine diagnostics

How does having my electric system serviced affect my vehicle’s performance?

A vehicle’s electrical system centers around the battery, but also includes the alternator and starter. Many newer vehicles also depend on computer systems to control steering, brakes, sensors, and more. It can be difficult to diagnose vehicle electrical problems without specialized diagnostic equipment to access your vehicle’s data.

How frequently should I have my vehicle’s electrical system serviced?

Batteries generally last between three to seven years, so it’s a good idea to replace yours every four years as a precaution. However, you should have your vehicle’s electrical system checked immediately if:
  • You turn your key and the vehicle won’t start—you hear clicking, grinding, or silence
  • Interior or dashboard lights stop functioning properly
  • Your headlights dim while you’re traveling at low speeds, or idling at a stop